General Terms

User can exchange any item within 7 days after the purchase (excluding the delivery time) if the exchangeable item is in stock. 

Usually warranty covers 3 month from the time of item dispatching. Please make sure to ask our managers about correct warranty period for purchased goods to avoid misunderstandings.

Warranty does not cover any expenses for shipping to the company any damaged items and shipping of the repair/exchange items to the customer, unless customer have received malfunctioning device with the warranty sticker.

Warranty does not cover any damages or losses caused buy postal or shipping services. We recommend you to carefully check the package contents according to mailing list in front of postal service or shipping company representative.

We provide absolutely free high quality technical support for our customers.

We can refuse to provide the warranty service if:

  • Warranty seals are removed or damaged;
  • Warranty period has expired;
  • Rules of use were violated;
  • There were made any modifications or adjustments to the device or misuse of the item;
  • There were any damages of the item caused by user (mechanical, heat, electrical etc);
  • Warranty does not cover any accidents (fire, foreign liquids and elements exposure, electric discharges, incorrect voltage etc);
  • There is no original package.

Before sending items for warranty service, please contact our manager to find out all the details concerning your issue.

In case of eligibility for warranty service, customer should return to company fully packaged item with all the accessories, manuals, documents etc, invoice and filled out certificate of compliance. If your box is considered eligible for repair/replacement under warranty terms you can send us a box only (without cables) in order to reduce your shipping expenses.

If our investigation shows that malfunction was caused by the user, repair and shipping will be paid by the customer.

We provide post-warranty repair, no matter how much time has passed after the item purchase. Price of the repairs is set for each case individually.

We are always ready for the constructive conversation with or clients and believe that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial.

Warranty and Return Policy

Our company is not responsible for damaged packages or those shipped back to us for the reason the designated courier service fail to deliver the package to the given destination address (after several attempts to deliver your package due to your absence).

If the customer receives damaged parcel, there are some requests that should be done by the recipient:

  1. report the damage to the delivery company and make photos of damaged items/parcel
  2. make a claim to the courier for the damaged items/parcel on the same amount that was declared in the invoice
  3. refuse to pay the freight cost
  4. request delivery company to resend the goods with free freight cost

Our warranty does not cover risks of product’s damage or loss within the responsibility of delivery company. For this reason, please check the parcel right on receipt and compare the content with the packing list in the presence of the courier. Our company is not responsible for any faults discovered after you confirmed the receipt. 

Warranty for Service Products

Warranty for service products covers 3 months from the moment of shipping the item to the client.

Warranty covers only the hardware part of an item and does not include cables and accessories (namely: cables, adapters, sockets and accessories).

Company does not guarantee the correct work of the software, unless it is related to the hardware, and does not hold any responsibility for any damage caused by misuse of software or service product.

Warranty for Cell Phone Parts

We offer a 7days warranty for cell phone parts. Warranty period starts at the moment the item is shipped to the customer. Some types of phone spare parts are not covered by the warranty. Please check the information with our manager before you place the order. We can refuse to provide warranty service if:

  • LCD protecting screens and warranty seals are missing. Please check the LCD before taking of the warranty seals or protecting screen;
  • Ribbon cables have visible damage;
  • IC and small parts have traces of soldering.

Warranty for Repair Equipment

Warranty for repair equipment covers 3 months from the moment of shipping the item to the client. Some items may have the longer warranty period. You can get all the details about it from our sales managers.

Warranty only covers hardware items.

What should I do if my item stopped working?

  • After discovering any malfunction, please contact our technical support team. To do so you have to use the appropriate form at the web-site or write the e-mail to the address: [email protected]
  • In detail describe your issue and specify the serial number of your product
  • If your issue can not be solved remotely, you will be offered the option of sending us the item. Please note that the company does not refund any shipping expenses.

Please make sure that:

  • Warranty seals are not damaged
  • The item is fully packed including all accessories, manuals and original package
  • The certificate of compliance is filled
  • Warranty ticket is included to the package

If we have the analogous item in stock, we will provide you with the replacement within 14 working days. Otherwise the reclamation will be forwarded to the manufacturer and the replacement term might delay. We can refund you with the reclamation cost if preferable.

The company does not hold any responsibility for any damages caused after the warranty period, but will gladly provide its customers with any technical consulting.

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